Stop Foreclosure


You’ve probably seen ads for Peters and Associates on TV, heard them on the radio, or spied our busses as you drive around the valley. If you have, then you know our firm’s mission statement “We Save Homes.” Several of our competitors, whether they’re attorneys or real estate agents, seem to be urging people to give up their homes through short sales. At P and A, we’ve successfully negotiated full deficiency waivers for more than 700 short sales, but if you want to keep your home short selling it should be LAST option you consider.

Being a full service debt relief firm, we handle loan modifications, principal reductions, foreclosure mediations and short sale-buy back (also known as short sale and stay).  These programs are all built to help our lawyers save your home. To learn how Peters and Associates might be able to stop foreclosure and save your home, call 702-818-3888 today and schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys.